Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Advantages of joining a TED Ed Club

I introduced the TED Ed Clubs program in my previous post. I would like tell you about the advantages of being a part of TED Ed Clubs program.  Below, I have listed the advantages of joining the TED Ed clubs for students.

1. To enhance personal growth by acquiring new skills.
  • TED Ed Clubs curriculum is designed to teach presentation literacy and public speaking skills. 
  • Students learn to draft a powerful talk, structure it and deliver it effectively.
  • Students learn basic animation and video production techniques while recording their talks.
  • Every talk by each student is uploaded on TED Ed's YouTube channel. Students will hone their skills to use online media effectively. 
2. To help students celebrate their authentic self.
  • This program is about personal passion and relevance.
  • It is not competitive rather it celebrates uniqueness of every student.
  • It emphasizes on passion-driven education. It helps students in finding their passions, interests and key values of life.
  • The course enables the students to drive on their idea themselves and inculcates independent thinking.
  • The major takeaway of this program is that the worth of your talk comes from the authenticity of your story.
3. Gives students global exposure.
  • TED Ed Clubs is a 'global program.' Students become a part of a global community of like minded people and creative problem solvers.
  • TED Ed Clubs organizes connect calls to connect classrooms of different countries to promote cultural exchanges. It helps in understanding different countries, cultures and perspectives.
  • The students can become a part of the 'Global Student Council' of TED Ed Clubs.
  • Students can apply for the TED Ed weekend event held at TED headquarters in New York, USA held twice a year.
  • A chance to be a part of the TED stage. This year, for the first time a TED Ed Club member spoke at TED 2017 held at Vancouver, Canada.
4.  An asset on the high school/ university applications.
  • TED Ed Clubs program is an excellent platform for students to express themselves creatively.
  • Their TED Ed Club talk will stand out in their high school or university applications.
5. Gives students more voice in their education.
  • TED Ed Clubs believe that the curriculum makers are the older generation. But they do not know what the students face at their level. They want to understand their needs.
  • It believes that students ideas and perspectives will define the future. It wants to help students make this world a better place.

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